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Soil is a living organism!

Organic fertilizers and plant strengtheners.
Bio-fertility is the use of beneficial microorganisms for crop production. If you use soil or inert mediums (peat, coco, coir), inoculation of beneficial symbiont fungi, bacteria and mycorrhizae are imperative to the crops success. The world's soils are rapidly depleting and our crops are undernourished. 

At EarthCo we specialize in organic fertilizers, plant health strengtheners and soil bio-fertility. We are the local bio-fertility experts. WE Build Soil!

Whether you use conventional or organic practices bio-fertility will help achieve higher yields, stronger healthier plants, reduced reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, lower production cost while maximizing outputs with minimal inputs.

Technologies for all applications, sectors, needs and crops.


Industries: Agriculture / Horticulture 

Greenhouses, fields, golf courses, organic production, tree nurseries.  


Applications: Hydroponic systems,

                      Soil / inert mediums 



                      Drip irrigation

                      Boom sprayers

                      Container crops

Crops: ALL. Vegetable, floral, herbs, cannabis, trees /shrubs, turf, berries. 



We have technology to help you grow! Microbes for Macro Results!

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