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Analysis and Testing


Chroma - Analysis

Chromatography is used to asses various aspects of soil. This test will determine the soil life conditions, air/water retention capacity, humus conversion, fulvic content and more. A report will be created and provided upon completion.Our advisors can assess the soil conditions of our clients and provide customized advice. 



Mycorrhiza - Analysis

A colonization test determines the colonisation rate and establishment of the mycorrhizal symbiont fungus in the root zone. We use this analysis to measure and calculate and determine if mycorrhizae is present or not. The result is recorded in a report and a total score is given, which is used to evaluate the specific mycorrhizal conditions in the soil. 



Solvita - Nutrient Test

This test determines and measures the organic content within the soil. A report will be created and provided upon completion.


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